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Episode 17 of Radio Free Charleston, from March 2007, was “Kung Fu Grip Shirt” and featured music from John Radcliff and Under The Radar, plus a vintage toy commercial and RFC’s Resident Diva, Melanie Larch, making her wrestling debut, sort of, with IWA East Coast.

You can read the original production notes here, but be advised that the Pentagram Flowerbox cartoon has been excised and replaced with a LAX cartoon by Frank Panucci.

Tomorrow our Drive To 75 continues with episode 18, “Radio Free Parkersburg,” which was our third consecutive show featuring our old pal, John Radcliff, since we shot it at his house during the very first Songpull Event. Also tomorrow, look for production notes and links for RFC 73, with the band OVADA, which just coincidentally features John Radcliff on guitar. It’s almost like we planned it this way.