The 2019 PopCult Gift Guide begins today. This year, due to the shortened holiday shopping season (there are only four weekends between Thanksgiving and Christmas) we’re going to wrap up the Gift Guide on Thanksgiving, with our master list appearing on Black Friday. We’re also just going to call it “Gift Guide” in the headlines because long headlines don’t look great in the “Recent Posts” log at the right of this blog.

We’re also shaking up the format a bit. You can expect between two and five Gift Guide posts each day from now until November 26. Some posts will be detailed reviews, while some will include multiple gift ideas in a capsule format. We’re also going to mix in a few “Gift Guide Flashback” posts, where we remind you of some of ideas we suggested during the previous fourteen or so PopCult Gift Guides.

Today we’re just giving you our first gift suggestion, and a Flashback idea. Tuesday we’ll kick into high gear.

As usual, you can expect us to suggest music, movies, toys, small appliances, local eateries and other cool things that can be tangentially related to pop culture.

The PopCult Gift Guide is one of the most popular features of this blog, and readership more than doubles during the time we post these, so I hope we live up to our reputation. Look for our first post within half an hour of this one going live.