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The Go Van Gogh/Nanker Phelge Rock Family Tree on Radio Free Charleston at New Appalachian Radio

NAR log 106RFCv3 #17

It is time once again for Radio Free Charleston, streaming at New Appalachian Radio. This week our two-hour audio extravaganza kicks off with solid hour of great local music as usual.

You can hear this episode now in the Voices of Appalachia Archives HERE.

You can listen to Radio Free Charleston’s  fun and exciting streaming radio incarnation at 10 AM and 10 PM on Tuesdays (and again at midnight Thursday) at New Appalachian Radio, part of Voices of Appalachia. If you miss it, check our the archives for previously-aired shows. You can also listen to Radio Free Charleston Saturday at Midnight. Saturday, RFC airs for six hours, starting at The Witching Hour!

Johnny and Tim Rock, 1989

Johnny and Tim Rock, 1989

Our second-hour theme this week is our first attempt at doing a “Rock Family Tree,” this time focusing on one of the hottest bands from the original RFC, Go Van Gogh. Stephen and Mark Bckner and Tim and Johnny Rock made up this four-piece, and you may have seen them in action a few weeks back on The RFC MINI SHOW.

Mark and Stephen Beckner, 1989

Mark and Stephen Beckner, 1989

In addition to bringing you some Go Van Gogh classics, we’re going to check out music from the pre-Go Van Gogh and post-Go Van Gogh bands that feature the brothers Beckner and Rock, and we’re going to catch up with solo material by The Beckners and tunes from their current band, The Nanker Phelge. That’s in hour two.

Hour One Playlist

Mad Scientist Club “Dr. Owsley”
Kevin Scarbrough “Jimmy Burned Bridges”
Jeff Ellis “Tina”
The Laser Beams “Red Shirt Blues (Demo)”

Ann Magnuson “Miss Pussy Pants”
The Amazing Delores “Rats In My Ceiling”
Hasil Adkins “Do It To Me Tonight”
Granny’s 12 Gauge “Too Many Dues”

Tim Truman “Ten Dollar Dog”
The Diablo Blues Band “Price of a Broken Heart”
Underdog Blues Revue “Honey Wyld”
Spurgie Hankins Band “Dirty Rule”

The Company Stores “Dear Universe”
Tofujitsu “Cabeza”
Keef Mack “Love Is Free”
Mark Bates and The Vacancies “Michelle”

Hour Two of RFC features the Go Van Gogh Rock Family Tree

069-02We kick off with songs from the bands that the Rock brothers and the Beckner brothers were in prior to forming Go Van Gogh.

True Rumor “River Beyond”
Meadow Blasters “Da Da Da, I Love You”
Meadow Blasters “She Doesn’t Want My Love”

Then we get into the meat of the show…

Go Van Gogh “Planet Freedom”
Go Van Gogh “I Don’t Like Trains”

The Tunesmiths were a side project by Mark Beckner.

The Tunesmiths “Ballet Dancer”
Tunesmiths “For Your Love”

The core of The Tunesmiths moved to Nashville and became Hitchcock Circus

Hitchcock Circus “Telescope”
Hitchcock Circus “Song For A Friend”

Meanwhile, Stephen Beckner released a great solo album, “Apples.”

Stephen Beckner “Those Eyes”
Stephen Beckner “Scream”

Mark returned from Nashville, and formed a new band with Stephen (and Dave Roberts with Casi Null and Joey Lafferty playing bass), The Nanker Phelge.

The Nanker Phelge “Johnny’s Got A Problem”
The Nanker Phelge “That’s What She Said”
The Nanker Phelge “The Nanker Stomp”

We managed to squeeze in one of Mark’s solo tunes, too.

Mark Beckner “Habitual Preoccupation with Self”

We wrap up the show with the classic…

Go Van Gogh “Shut Up, I Love You”

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