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The Hershey Action Figure and Toy Show 2019

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August 30, 2019

We’re going to bring you about as many photos of last week’s Hershey Action Figure and Toy Show as WordPress will let us today without flaking out. You’ll want to be sure to check back Sunday for our video of the show, which will have more photos accompanying it.

This was a terrific one-day show, put on by Greg Brown of Cotswold Collectibles fame, and we saw lots of familiar faces from the other GI Joe and toy shows we make it to each year. You’ll see and hear from more of our friends in the video. We had a blast, and it was a great excuse to turn our anniversary into a week-long excursion into Central and Eastern Pennsylvania.

There were loads of vendors and I was able to pick up the exclusive uniform, accessory and box set that Greg masterminded with help from Sgt. Van’s Backyard Battlefront Fantasy boxes and Mattsquatch Customs. I was also able to pick up the exclusives for last month’s Kentuckiana GI Joe Expo, which I had to miss this year. I will be posting another photo essay on all the cool stuff we got on the trip, including our Toy Show goodies, next week. We still haven’t had time to unpack everything, let alone photograph it all yet.

Greg is leaning heavily toward having the show again next year, with the date still to be determined. I’ll bring you the details here in PopCult as soon as I find out. A big part of the fun of this show was that folks from ToyLanta and Kentuckiana were on hand to show their support. While we were happy to see so many old friends, it was also great to see so many new faces who can’t travel so far for toy shows.

We are running late, and we’ll be bringing you more video and photos from the show over the weekend, so let’s just dive in and gawk at the cool toys and stuff.

I’ll have better photos of the show exclusive uniform set next week. Until then, consider this a teaser.


The first thing we saw when we went through the doors…and this was the early admission crowd.


The doors had just been opened for about five minutes and folks were already milling about, buying up toys.

A dealer from the Northeast had tons of cool things.

Tearle Ashby with the prototype for his aweswome limited edition shark cage that I’m going to have to find some way to work into the budget soon.


Sgt. Van’s Backyard Battlefront Fantasy Boxes.


And Sgt. Van himself!


Man, everybody’s taking selfies these days.

Yeah..I had to ask Mel to drag me away from this before I asked how much it was.

There was way cool stuff, much of it Adventure Team GI Joe, everywhere you turned.

Evenmore GI Joe and Big Jim goodies.

At 10 AM the general admission began, and people flooded in.

More cool stuff all over the place.

This guy had really cool diorama bases and accessories.

You say you’re looking for lunch boxes?


Some dealers had a heck of a lot of diversity among their offerings. I mean, when you have Gumby, Plush, Comics, Action Man, Action Jackson, Star Wars and The Doors all at one table, that’s pretty danged impressive.

Mattsquatch Customs, who contributed to the show exclusive. Every time I tried to get Matt’s photo, he was away from the table.

Yuri’s incredible offerings from 6 Scale USA.

Steve Stovall of Kentuckiana GI Joe Expo fame was at his table, but I couldn’t get his attention when I took this photo, which includes a bunch of stuff I bought from him.


More Adventure Team stuff! Yay!

There’s something you don’t see every day.

The place was getting really packed at this point.

We’ll call it a day with these Transformer thingies from Japan. (Updated to appease a person who left a snotty comment that has since been deleted: These are actually “Robots In Disguise” the Transformer thingies released in Japan before Hasbo licensed and released them in America, after MEGO had the rights lined up, but went out of business. Apparently by not tracking down the dealer and pestering him for details as to what exactly these were, even though that was obvious to anyone who cared, I have committed some strict, unwritten law of online Transformers journalism that requires the entire history of the toy line to be included in every caption accompanying any photo of any Transformers toy. Apologies to the single person in the world who was offended)

This really just scratches the surface. Our blogging software gets a bit wonky if we post more than a couple dozen photos, so we need to go for the day. That is this week’s PopCulteer, but our coverage of last week’s show and the surrounding trip will continue into next week.

Check PopCult Saturday morning for news on another big anniversary and its accompanying programming stunt over on The AIR. And be sure to come back for all our regular features.

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  1. Thomas Wheeler

    Looks like a really awesome show. Don’t blame you on that Zeroid set.

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