I told you I had more of these to share.

Your PopCulteer has been back from a trip that included a day at the Marx Toy and Train Collector’s Show for almost two weeks now. The Toy and Train Show happened on June 16 and 17, at The Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum in Wheeling. Your humble blogger and his wife had a great time at the show, and I brought you a small batch of photos , then a larger batch, and last Sunday, the full-blown video of the show, but today I have one last batch of cool images (from this year’s show), and this time it’s almost all devoted to the cool toys we saw there.

I have reached a point in my collecting life where I simply can’t buy every cool toy that I might be able to afford any more. Stately Radio Free Charleston Manor is rapidly running out of room, so I have to be way more selective at toy shows (and I’m looking at going to three more in the next couple of months).  So while it’s really cool to see all the neat rare toys, I am now pursuing them “photo safari” style, where I just get pictures of the bigger pieces.

And that’s what we have for you today, tons of images of cool toys. Enjoy…

The cool Marx tin skyscraper. After not seeing any of these for sale here before, this time dealers had three up for adoption. This was the only one with Kong and Superman on board, though.

A mix of Marx and Modern toys, but you never pass up a photo op with Robbie.

Aurora Model Kits and a Marx tin service center. The Wampa is gravy!

Classic playsets I don’t have any room for.

More big, cool items that I just don’t have enough space to consider buying.

Big Loo was hanging out in the cafeteria. Here he is without your humble blogger.

A little cheesecake amidst the tinplate.

I have been ordered not to make an East Palestine reference here.

The show was packed, and vendors were tucked into every corner.

I believe these are Dave Roth’s package reimaginings with accessories.

A stack of Johnny West-related items, a mix of vintage, CXR and custom.

A look at the top of Wes McCue and Bill Nestor’s table. Reminds me, I need to get in touch with Bill about buying some stuff I forgot to ask him about.

James Wozniak wrapped up his series of Johnny West Miniatures, hand-crafted in Spain. I had to have these to complete my collection.

Hello, Pancho!

Very cool non-Marx stuff. Luckily I already have all the Captain Action stuff.

Big Caesar is something I’d never noticed at the Marx Show before, but this year several vendors had one, this one in particular looked complete in a box in great condition.

And then you just find a table full of plastic people.

There were lots of trains on display. The number of them was so overwhelming that it wasn’t until I was editing this photo that I noticed the four Warbonnets on the back of the table.

Brightly-colored plastic people, and critters.

Another look at Wes and Bill’s table.

We leave you with one last look at some classic playsets and Johnny West figures.