It’s another rare RFC premiere on a Thursday on The AIR  as we deliver unto you a brand-new episode of Radio Free Charleston, which should have been ready two days ago for our normal timeslot, but wasn’t because your humble blogger was, as they say in the big city, plumb tuckered out after making an almost 1,200-mile roadtrip in five days, hitting two major toy shows that were over 500 miles apart, and being old.

But, we simply delayed the show two days, so this Thursday on The AIR that means it’s time for a new  Radio Free Charleston.  

Thursday at 2 PM and 8 PM you simply have to take your cursor over and point it at the website, or you could just stay right here and  listen to the cool embedded player found elsewhere on this page, and you get three full hours of Radio Free Charleston loaded with cool new local music and cool new independent music and two hours of really interesting recycled RFC International from June, 2019..

Kicking off this slightly-delayed edition of our show is a new song from Jerks, which is not the title track of their new album, “This Is Fun,” but it’s damned close.

The rest of our first hour is loaded with new music from Aristotle Jones, Matt Mullins & The Bringdowns, Foz Rotten, Jonny Strykes, Blur, Jack Hues, The Fusion Syndicate, and the RFC debut of Alabaster Boxer.

Plus we also have a set of music in our first hour that probably isn’t safe for work. It’s really good stuff, but you might not want to mess around and play it loud, for fear of “finding out.”

Our second and third hours bring back a couple of hours of freeform radio insanity from 2019, via an old RFC International.  This episode marked the recent departures of both Dr. John and the alleged leader of The Residents, and also manages to veer off into Two-Tone Ska, Solo Beatles, pseudo-progressive and New Wave territory. It’s just me having fun playing whatever I felt like. I think this might be the last of the 2019 episodes of RFC International that I’ve recycled into our new three-hour format, but we have quite a few from earlier, in case I get in a pinch.

This week your PopCulteer was just too wiped out to do a full three-hour show.

Check out the playlist below to see all the goodies we have in store. Live links for the first hour of the playlist will take you to the artist’s pages so you can find out more about them, buy their music and find out where to see them perform live…

hour one
Jerks “This Is Fine”
Alabaster Boxer “Build You An Ocean”
The Cleverlys “She’s Not There”
Matt Mullins and The Bringdowns “Appalachain Highway”
Aristotle Jones “Streets of Osage”
Frank Sinatra “Michael and Peter”
Verdeant (Chloe Florence) “Reckless (Demo)”
Foz Rotten “From The Top”
Jonny Strykes “Gimme A Sign”
Buni Muni “Kids Are Dead”
Blur “Far Away Island”
Jack Hues “Since 2017”
The Fusion Syndicate “Io”
Galen and Paul “Esmeralda”

hour two
Dr. John “Such A Night”
Adrian Belew “Wait To Worry”
Harry Nilsson “1941”
Tom Robinson Band “2-4-6-8 Motorway”
The Planet Smashers “Can’t Stop”
The Skints “The Island”
The Aquabats “Doing Science”
The Specials “Embarrassed By You”
Russkaja “No One Is Illegal”
The Beat “Civilisation”
Madness “Prospects”
The Selector “Too Much Pressure”
The English Beat “Here We Go Love”
John Lennon “Instant Karma”
Wings “Give Ireland Back To The Irish”
Ringo Starr “In My Car”
George Harrison “Fish On The Sand”

hour three
The Residents “Voodoo Doll”
Andy Samberg “You Can’t Catch Me”
Uriah Heep “Easy Livin’”
Monochrome Set “Boom Boom”
Claypool Lennon Delirium “Boriska”
Marynox Bend “Avadnor”
Betty “Old Me”
Ventura Lane “Spacecrawl”
Matt Berry “Hey Little Girl”
The Police “Invisible Sun”
Shriekback “And Everything Like That”
The Clash “Version Pardner”

You can hear this episode of Radio Free Charleston Thursday at 2 PM and 8 PM, Friday at 9 AM, Saturday at Noon and Midnight,  and  Monday at 11 AM, exclusively on The AIR. Now you can also hear a different classic episode of RFC every weekday at 5 PM, and we bring you a marathon all night long Saturday night/Sunday morning.

I’m also going to  embed a low-fi, mono version of this show right in this post, right here so you can listen on demand.