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The Night Before The Marx Toy Convention

…and all through the hotel, people met in their rooms ’cause it was hotter than hell.

Since we have to break up these photo essays into bite-sized chunks while our blog is somewhat on the fritz, today’s installment is going to focus on the night before the show, where, because it was way too hot to gather around the fire pit, lots of the Marx folks who were there for “JohnnyCon” the convention-within-a-convention, met up in one of the conference rooms that was loaned to us by the nice manager at the Hampton Inn in Wheeling.

Today we’re going to bring you photos of stuff that was being shown off and/or offered for sale by Terry Ryder and Rosemary Davis Webster. That’s Terry with a clean-shaven PopCulteer at the top of this post.  Terry let me swipe this from Facebook. I didn’t get a picture with Rosemary. Maybe next year.

In the above photo, Terry is holding a really wild-looking Buddy Charlie/All-American Fighter figure with a strange skin tone on his head and hands. I was useless in trying to figure out why, but it was really cool too see. Terry brought a lot of other cool things that she’d recently acquired, and you can see them below…

Let’s take a closer look at Buddy Charlie.

The PL board for the accessories of Princesss Wildflower. Fascinating stuff for the die-hard collector.

Terry had also picked up a really cool scrapbook/collection of original artwork by one of the Marx design team. This includes elements that were used on packaging, and this Johnny West logo that I think might have been intended for a playset that was never produced.

This guy was incredible at drawing guns (on paper, not out of a holster).

Of course, the spacemen are what caught my eye.

Rosemary didn’t have enough stuff to sell to warrant a table at the convention, but she was selling some cool horses and tack sets for Steve Corn, who couldn’t make it this year.

She was also parting with this sharp-looking Wagon and buggy, which I would have snapped up in a heartbeat if I had any room left in my house.

Rosemary was also selling this amazing Circlee X Ranch, built by Mykol Blackwell. Again, I would have grabbed this in an instant if A) we had any room for it and B) it would fit in Mel’s car. I hope it found a good home.

Here’s a back view. This really is the “one that got away.”

Such detail, including a metal stove and what looks like FiestaWare bowls.

We’ll take one last look at the bunkhouse before we leave. Check PopCult tomorrow for another mini-photo essay, this time with more pics from the Marx Toy Convention proper.


  1. Thomas Wheeler

    Impressive! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Diane

    Love the scrapbook! I imagine it is FULL of wonderful creations that “could have been”…. 🤠 Also, Mykol’s Circle X Ranch! Incredible! Everyone needs to buy a horse from Steve Corn to support his efforts to keep “Thunderbolt” horses around just a bit longer…. 🐴

  3. Brad Curry

    Nice! Great stuff as usual. Sorry I wasn’t able to attend this year. Thanks Rudy.

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