Just two brief items this week in the Toy Box.

GI Joe Returns Home

First up, we’re going to give you a link to THE JOE REPORT, where Mark Otnes (of Patches of Pride fame) tells us the very cool story of Tim Hubbell, an Ohio man who recently had his massive childhood GI Joe collection returned to him after it had been missing and thought lost since the 1970s.

“Rarely, almost like folklore, fans will hear tell of one lucky individual to whom the unthinkable has just happened; his original GIjOEs have been found—and returned to him intact! Today, we celebrate the good fortune of one such fan, Tim Hubbell, a former Ohio State Highway Patrol Staff Lieutenant, who is now the Administrative Pastor at Crossroads Church in Lima, Ohio. We asked Tim to tell us about his history with GIjOE and how he managed to be reunited with his childhood “originals.” According to Tim’s Testament:”

It’s an incredible story, and another example of why THE JOE REPORT is one of the top sites on the web for cool GI Joe stories.

Photo courtesy of The Joe Report

Photo courtesy of The Joe Report

Who You Gonna Call?

Our other story is that these guys…



…have turned up at Big Lots, for  very low price, $30 per two figure set.

These are super-detailed,  well-articulated 12″ figures based on Ghostbusters II. Original retail was to be $120 for each set.  These figures were briefly available before Mattycollector pulled the plug on several of their large format “Movie Masters”  lines in early 2012.  Zod and Lex Luthor from the 12″ Superman The Movie line showed up at Ollie’s last year. These Ghostbusters figures are an even cooler, bigger find. The accessories are superb and the outfits detailed and accurate. The figures also come with extra hands for different poses.  Jump on this deal quick. Scalpers are already doubling their money with them on eBay.