Cast-a-Way Toys is one of the new wave of custom action figure houses that make high-quality MEGO-style figures for limited run figure sets and customizer use. Well, they were. A few years ago their molds were lost in China, and the company has been operating on the fringe of limbo since.

However, they are poised to return, if they can raise the money to create molds for an all-new body design. Cast-a-Way Toys is teaming up with ZICA Toys, another of the “new MEGO” toy companies, to develop a new action figure body, one that eliminates the fragile rubber bands of the original MEGO bodies and adds articulation and features that make the new bodies more customizable.

Cast-a-Way Toys’ great MEGO-sized recreations of Captain Action and Dr. Evil

The Phantom by Cast-a-Way Toys

Cast-a-Way is most noted for their excellent MEGO-sized reproductions of Captain Action and Dr. Evil (figures that hang proudly above the door to my office). ZICA created the excellent Buck Rogers figures a couple of years ago.

Together, the two companies hope to celebrate 2014 as the 40th Anniversary of the MEGO “Type 2” body with the introduction of their new “Type S” figure.

Buck Rogers by ZICA Toys

The incentives are pretty sweet. At the ten-dollar level you get one of the new bodies (expected to ship in February next year). There are also vinyl stickers, MEGO-sized and real-human-sized T Shirts, special glow-in-the-dark and clear bodies and other cool items.  If you kick in five grand, you’ll get 500 custom figures of your own design, complete with a uniform and packaging.

If you’re a MEGO fan, you can’t go wrong with this. I know I’ll be kicking in a bit. Check out the video below, and then follow the link in the widget if you’re interested.