Last weekend your PopCulteer and his Radio Free Charleston entourage of Melanie Larch and Lee Harrah paid a hit and run visit to the final day of the Marx Toy Convention held at the Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum in Wheeling.

You may recall that just a couple weeks ago, we were at that same Toy & Train Museum in Wheeling for MEGO Meet. Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum is a wonderful, wonderful place, a very cool day trip, and the subject of at least two more upcoming photo essays here in the PopCult Toybox.

Despite spending less than two hours basking in the wonderfulness of the Marx toy vendors, your PopCulteer came away with several wonderful items, having spent way the heck too much money. What follows are some choice photos of the goodies available for sale and some of the folks selling them.

I missed the FestivALL Art Parade this year in order to go to the Marx Toy Convention, and I can’t claim any regrets. Just look at this cool stuff. We’re kicking it off with the Johnny West stuff, because that’s my main reason for going.

Just in case you somehow manage to miss the marquee (seen above), look for this bright yellow caboose in the parking lot.

Our first stop is with Dave Roth, an amazing customizer with a mind-blowing collection. There are so many rare items in this photo that I can’t begin to list them.

More of Dave’s cool Johnny West stuff.

Dave’s table should have had a supply of drool buckets handy.

Dave hooked me up with one of the key figures missing from my collection–Sheriff Goode, a Canadian-only release that combined the body of Sam Cobra (molded in white) with a blonde-haired Johnny West. Many thanks to Dave.

Mike Rohde of Rohde Vintage Toys, who had some amazing custom painted and flocked heads. Check out that awesome custom Chief Cherokee.


We got there just as the Rohde Vintage Toys gang started packing up, but we did get this cool shot of their table.


My haul from Mike, whom I’d been stalking on eBay, getting ready to buy some of his cool flocked heads for months. I scored a red-haired Johnny West, a Maddox head done up as “Dangerous Dan” and a very, very cool flocked coonskin cap.

Scott Stewart, who I last saw at JoeLanta, eluded my camera, but his wall o’ cool stuff was so vast that I can only show a bit of it. Scott set me up with some cheap vintage Captain Action gear.

Knights, Vikings, Cowboys, Soldiers–you need ’em, Scott had ’em.


Yet more of Scott’s goodies.

Hey! We did manage to get a shot of Scott after all!

A very cool Warcraft steampunk kitbash by John Stengal, who took up the entire snackbar with his cool offerings.

Random toy overload!

Rare toy show and tell.

A sea of plastic people.

There was a whole room of Marx trains.

A Marx icon–Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots.

More cool train stuff.

Another sea of plastic goodness.

We can’t leave out the playsets.

More random toy overload!

Even more random toy overload!

And we hop on Marvel the Mustang to ride into the sunset. Hope you enjoyed this PopCult Toybox photo essay.