This week’s PopCult Toybox is a photo essay looking back at just a little bit of the wonderfulness that was MEGO Meet 2013, held last weekend at the Kruger Street Toy and Train Museum in Wheeling. We will have still more photos on Friday and this weekend, video which we have yet to edit.

We ran up on Saturday and had a blast checking out the new toys, the vintage toys and the customs. This year’s convention exclusive was Snyderman, a re-creation of the mascot hero from the Heroes World catalogs from the 1970’s. These catalogs were the best source for MEGO toys back in the day and they were also notable because they were published by Ivan Snyder, who was a master of comic book merchandising in the seventies and the catalogs were produced by Joe Kubert and his students at The Kubert School, which made them pretty darn cool in and of themselves.

Among the cool things at MEGO Meet were demonstrations of resin head casting and an operational 3-D printer, plus the chance to shoot the breeze with folks like Doc MEGO and Brian Heiler, the author of “Rack Toys.”

It was a great time and the PopCult crew will definitely go back next year. Heck, we’re going back to the Kruger Street Toy and Train Museum weekend after next for the Marx Toy Collectors convention.

Enough jibber-jabber, let’s look at the pictures

The Snyderman exclusive

Custom Auction Entries

Brick Mantooth Customs

Doc MEGO’s table

The Doctor’s giant case of parts

Build your own 4″ superhero action figure kits

This is the prototype for the Plush version of Art Baltazar’s Action Cat, available soon

The 3 D Printer

I saw a table full of cool custom 12″ MEGO-style Thors, and then I noticed this machine off to one side…

This is probably the future of the action figure hobby, a 3 D printer

And he was making replacement parts for MEGOs with it!

Lee Harrah and The Holy Grail

Just look at him beam

Dealer Tables (AKA Toy Porn)

You could not afford this

Yes, there were MEGO figures of The Waltons. We used to make them fight Spider-Man and Shazam

That’s all for now. We will have more photos on Friday and Video this weekend.