This week, feeling a bit nostalgic after our recent trip to the Marx Toy Convention, we’re going to look at a couple of new playsets of little plastic people. These aren’t your traditional Green Army Men, but they’re pretty darn cool nontheless.

$T2eC16h,!zUE9s39!eniBRQO!1CFbQ~~60_12Zombies vs. Zombie Hunters
By EMCE Toys
35 figures, poly bagged
Under $12 at Amazon

This playset, courtesy of EMCE Toys (the company run by our pal Doc MEGO) contains just exactly what it says it has–Zombies and Zombie Hunters. These little two-inch-tall figures are just the right size to re-enact the latest episode of “The Walking Dead” on your desktop at work. Or you can slip them into your Santa’s Village for a memorable Christmas display.

zombiesvshunters1The sculpting is fairly detailed for such a tiny figure. The zombies have plenty of exposed entrails, missing body parts, and loads of personal gore and charisma. The zombie hunters are well armed with a variety of firearms, crossbows, axes, and other implements of destruction.

Zombies-vs-Zombie-Hunters-Army-MenIn this set, the zombies are bright green while the zombie hunters are dark blue. This is a fun set–a perfect gag gift for the zombie lover on your gift list or the perfect plaything for your really twisted child. Not recommended for children under three.


71H6W5Krg4L._SL1200_Galaxy Laser Team
With Space Monsters and Starships
By Tim Mee Toys
50 pieces, poly bagged
Under $12 at Amazon

This is a rather nifty throwback set of plastic toys that combines some vintage astronaut molds with aliens and robots who seem to date back to the late 70’s, where they may have been intended as “Star Wars” knockoffs.

The set is roughly divided between half black and half gray figures. In addition to the astronauts, you’ll get what looks like a Wookie with antennae, a guy with a helmet who probably isn’t Darth Vader, and an astronaut lady with some sort of console.

41olft71TFLThere are little plastic robots that look sort of like a Cubist R2D2 and an alien who seems to have a bit of a turtle body. The two “starships” included in this set look suspiciously like rather non-descript fighter jets.

This is a really cool set. The figures are very well sculpted and there’s enough of a cheesy retro factor to make them appealing to folks who love Atomic Age toys and also to kids (ages three and up) who might enjoy the chance to create their own adventures with toys that aren’t based on anything terribly recognizable.


There are almost a dozen different sculpts included in this package and they’re each a miniature work of art. This set is a great inexpensive throwback to the classic space toys of the 1960’s and 1970’s.