bd2d2863e32788f23d65f5263d83e7d0_largeJill Thompson is a noted comic book artist and illustrator with quite a reputation. She’s worked with Neil Gaiman on “Sandman” and has drawn major books for DC and other publishers. She even collaborated with WWE wrestler Mick Foley on a children’s book. Her main claim to fame is her own creation, Scary Godmother, who has starred in a number of books and a pair of animated specials for Cartoon Network. With your help, Scary Godmother can make it in the toy world.

535d75dc778a43d984715367a32775e9_largeJill is getting ready to bring Scary Godmother to life as a fashion doll. In order to do this, she has turned to Kickstarter. Her goal is to raise $150,000 to create the molds and complete the manufacture and packaging of a twelve inch fashion doll sort of like Barbie, only with much more articulation and way funkier fashions.

A little more than a week in, Jill is about a third of the way to her goal. She’s offering quite a few neat levels of support. You don’t actually get a Scary Godmother doll unless you kick in at the fifty dollar level, but there are a variety of cool rewards at the lower levels, including digital comics, an original ten page Scary Godmother story, posters and prints, and an audio storybook which includes the voice talents of Jill Thompson herself and WWE superstar, CM Punk. You might also wind up with a DVD of the Scary Godmother stage play.

This is a pretty nifty little project and a chance to get a great twelve inch figure based on an independent cartoon creation. Scary Godmother is way cooler than Barbie and can even teach a thing or two to those kids from Monster High. Due to the extremely long production time, rewards for this Kickstarter project will be delivered in 2014, with the dolls not being available until 2015. But given the scope of what Jill has in mind, that’s to be expected. Scary Godmother will be well worth the wait.