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The PopCult Toybox: Skylanders Monopoly

This week’s scheduled PopCult Toybox has been delayed at the request of the toymaker. In its place we bring you a pres release for Skylanders Monopoly.

USAopoly under license from Hasbro has teamed up with Activison to create Skylanders Monopoly.

This version of the iconic board game features 22 ‘newly discovered’ Skylands locations for players to own including Stealth Elf’s Ninja Dojo, Spyro’s Chompy Diner and Cynder’s Haunted House.

The railroads of the game have been changed into services like Flynn’s Blimp Tours and Moleskin Mine Train whilst the Community Chest is now a Treasure Chest.

Chance cards are now Luck-O-Trons and the hotels have been renamed castles.

The game tokens have also been given a redesign, with players now moving around the board using one of six metal Kaos, Sheep, Cannon, Pirate Ship, Swords or Chompie figures.

The game is now available in the US at and at stores including Hastings, Entertainment Earth and GameStop Canada, with an RRP of $39.99.

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  1. Elvis Capone

    It’s almost like it’s not a whole new game

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