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The PopCult Tree

In the holiday spirit, and since I didn’t paint much detail on the tree in Monday Morning Art this morning, here are a lot of more detailed photos of this year’s PopCult Christmas tree, lovingly decorated by my wife, Mel Larch, who may stop rearranging things on it sometime in the new year.

It seems like this has become a tradition, but this year we’re doing it a little later than normal, mainly because of the shortened holiday season coinciding with a week in Chicago and a major magazine deadline.

As shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone, you will find ornaments that pay tribute to Chicago, The Walking Dead, The Batman TV Show, The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, Tiki, Lucky Cats, and more. You can see part of the Batman section at right, with a little GI Joe and Yellow Submarine in on the act.

Mel really puts a lot of work into this, and we hardly have any guests over these days, so I thought PopCult would be the best avenue to share this with all of you. It also acts as our Christmas card, since we haven’t sent out physical cards in years, and this way you get way more pictures.

This is mostly with short or no captions, but I’ll explain a bit, here or there.

In addition to the usual suspects mentioned above, you’ll also find reminders of The New York Yankees, The Chicago Cubs, plays Mel has been involved in, and other things that mean something to our lives together.


Batgirl is new this year.

Aliens, accordians and marquees. The penguin mugs are from Christkindl Market.

More new ornaments from Chicago.

Ringo, hiding among the robots, spaceships and pretzels.

A side view, with more hidden treasures.

Santa, holding court over the Walking Dead ornaments.

The land of cats and cookies…plus John Lennon and Boba Fett.


A better look at the TWD area.

Robots and Trader Vics are hiding among these branches.

The spire, our tree-topper, with Jeff Pierson’s “Christmas Memories at The Diamond” print in the background.

The full tree, with our messy kitchen in the background.

Our final photo is across the room. Sometimes we put a second tree here so that Mel can decorate it in a theme, like Grumpy Cat or Pusheen. This year I took a bunch of Mel’s SpongeBob acquistions and built a tree without a tree….so Merry Christmas, everybody, from PopCult!

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  1. Thomas Wheeler

    Cool tree! Merry Christmas!

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