RFC 109 "Shazam Shirt" from Rudy Panucci on Vimeo.

This week we jump back almost a decade, to August, 2010, for one of our “Show Without Words” episodes of Radio Free Charleston. These were the programs where I presented instrumental music and wordless films, and came up with ways to not speak during the host segments. This time it was by presenting the show as if I were in a comic book.

Our music came from David Synn and D.T. Stephenson, who coincidentally teamed up to form a band after they agreed to became part of this show.  We also have RFC faves, Blue Million, ripping through an instrumental blues jam during a sound check at a Charleston venue that is no longer with us.

Our animation this time was “Car Pooptoon,” by Frank Panucci.  This short film was nominated for the vaunted “Squidgie” award by the Aviary Fecal Society of Lower Cleveland, and placed third in the annual film competition by the World Society of Automotive Befoulment, held in Pinch.

We also brought viewers a rare archival treat in this episode: The oldest surviving Plant Ro Duction Mini Movie. “Impact Of Great Peril,” which was created by Buckle Henry Johanasport, the enigmatic co-founder of Plant Ro Duction, who was ousted in the 1930’s after rumors of a sex scandal proved to be untrue. When this film was made, The Plant Ro Duction Mini Movies were credited to “The Plantro Buckle Company,” which was a dummy corporation set up to launder money made from the bootlegging of rubbing alcohol, which Johanasport mistakenly thought had been made illegal during prohibition.

You can find the original production notes HERE.