RFC 110 "FestivAll 2010 part seven" from Rudy Panucci on Vimeo.

This week we go back to a September, 2010 episode of our video incarnation of Radio Free Charleston that was a bit of a minor flashback itself.  The previous June, I had worked myself nearly to death cranking out six episodes of the show devoted to 2010’s FestivAll. After that I got overwhelmed by caregiver duties for my uncle, and only produced two editions of the show over the next 9 weeks. I was so tied up with other things that I wasn’t able to go out and record any fresh material.

However, I discovered that I had a wealth of leftover material from FestivAll that I wasn’t able to shoehorn into that summer’s six-episode run. In addition, I had outtakes and alternate takes of my host segments, so I was able to construct an entire episode simply by using video and audio that I already had in the archives. This is of note because I’m planning for this year’s video episode of our show to primarily feature previously-unseen performances from the vast RFC archives. So consider this a head’s up that it’s been done before.

This show brings you more music from Brian Diller and The Velvet Gypsies, plus extra music from Craig D’Andrea and Ron Sowell, and footage of the balloon sculptures at The Charleston Town Center. It’s sort of a case of re-cooking leftovers so that they taste as good or better than the original meal.