This week we jump back to February, 2011, for an episode of Radio Free Charleston that runs the gamut from musical theater to travelling troubadours to Heavy Metal.

“Not Kool Shirt,” featured music from Fox Elipsus and White Chapel District, plus a preview of a classic Scarpelli/Kehde show from The Contemporary Youth Arts Company.

“Norman Rockwell’s An American Love Story” was a then-new original work with words by Dan Kehde and music by the late Mark Scarpelli. This was Dan and Mark’s second musical based on the works of Rockwell, and we featured a solo performance by Sarah Schleiss, accompanied on piano by Mark Scarpelli. We’ll bring you another song from this show in this space next week.

Next up we had Fox Elipsus, a travelling musician who had a pretty interesting gig going that I can’t really talk about here.  He networked his way around the country playing in spots like Taylor Books (where we recorded him) and he never had to pay for lodging…again for reasons I can’t really talk about here.

We also offered up a wild New Year’s Even performance of their song “Revolution” by White Chapel District. This was an incredibly fun shoot and one of the most high-energy performances we’ve had on RFC. You can find the full production notes for this show HERE.

In other news, remember that we’re starting nine days of 24 hour-marathons on The AIR today. We are in the midst of a day filled with Nigel Pye’s Psychedelic Shack. At Midnight we switch over to Herman Linte’s progressive rock showcase, Prognosis.