With this week’s edition of the RFC Flashback, we have sort of come full circle with our chronological presentation of episodes of the video incarnation of Radio Free Charleston.

Five years ago I  decided to jump ahead about forty episodes in our chronological presentation of episodes of the Radio Free Charleston video progam.  The main reason for this is that your PopCulteer had fallen behind in his remastering of classic episodes, so rather than make a mad dash to get them done,we decided to save them for later. Eventually we caught up to the end of the run, and then we picked up almost where we had left off. Last year we went back and filled in most of that gap.

Starting next week I’m going to try to fill in more gaps and remaster and upload some of the shows that have fallen through the cracks and aren’t currently online. So don’t expect any logical order for a few months.

Meanwhile, this show is the first one that we re-presented, but in the ensuing five years it’s become a bit more important, so we’re running it again.

Radio Free Charelston 120, “Zombie Babies Shirt” was first posted in February 2011 as a tribute to the late David Russell, to promote a benefit show (held at The World Famous Empty Glass) for his memorial fund.

The show featured music from The ButtonFlies, Sierra Ferrell and The Diablo Blues Band, all of whom performed at the benefit. We also brought you the trailer for Porkchop, the Eamon Hardiman-directed movie on which Dave worked as cinematographer.   Since the last time I posted this show here, Sierra has become a world-famous Country Music chanteuse, performing all over the world and selling tons of records. So I thought it might be a good time to revisit this episode of the show.