127-montageThis week we head back to April, 2011 for an episode of Radio Free Charleston that is jam-packed with great music and fun video hi-jinks.  Music this time came from Mother Nang, The Nanker Phelge and Jonathan Tucker. We also hde a promo spot for The 21st Annual East End Yard Sale, and remastered animation from Frank Panucci.

After you hear me jabber and then see a fun promo spot for the East End Yard Sale, we get to our first guest, which is my old buddies, Mother Nang.  Spencer, Jay, Deron and RFC Big Shot Brian Young have been friends of mine for a long time, and I wanted to get themk on the show performing live because they’d been kind enough to let me make a loopy non-animated video for one of their songs for April Fool’s Day. Here you get to see them performing “Bully” at The Blue Parrot.

Our animation was a remastered version of Frank Panucci’s “Porky Bang,” which was part of his existential series of enlightening animated shorts that we originally ran in 2007 and 2008.

Next up musically we had more dear, old friends,  The Nanker Phelge, in a special one-camera shoot that would have more camera angles if not for a last-minute computer failure. Luckily the song, “Walk Away” is so strong that nobody would have even noticed that it’s only one static shot if we hadn’t mentioned it.

We wrap up the show with a guerilla performance by Jonathan Tucker, recorded at the Charleston Town Center Mall. Jonathan sings “Speak Softly Love,” the alternate Italian national anthem that is better known as the love them from The Godfather.

You can find the original production notes for this show HERE. Check back every Saturday for another RFC Flashback!