For the past several and weeks The RFC Flashback has gone back to the most ambitious run of episodes in Radio Free Charleston history.  In June, 2011 I decided to try and do something sort of crazy. I’d managed to crank out Radio Free Charleston on a weekly basis before, which was no mean feat since the show was basically produced by me alone, with camera help from my now-wife Mel Larch and occasional help from other friends. For FestivALL 2011, I managed to produce eight episodes of Radio Free Charleston in under two weeks. This week we bring you the penultimate entry in this intense run of shows, and next week we wrap it up.

“Anything can happen day” on Radio Free Charleston included music from Holy Cow, The Boatmen and Miss Behavin’; with wrestling from XMCW and a Sword Dance by Jenna Brooke Swanson. This seventh of our eight-part show was an attempt to clear the decks of A-grade material that we’d accumulated in advance of our big finish. Next week you’ll see the big finish.