This week and next we are jumping out of our chronological presentation of classic episodes of Radio Free Charleston because the next show due up is our 2015 Christmasish episode, and I’m saving that for December.

Instead, ths week we’re going back to March, 2012 for episode 150 of Radio Free Charleston. “Black Shirt” was a celebration of LiveMix Studio, our first production partner without whom Radio Free Charleston would not exist. LiveMix is long gone now, but in this episode, we revisited some of the incredible performances and speak with some of the musicians who helped make our first 150 episodes so special.

This is an extra-long compilation show, and it’s filled with local legends like Raymond Wallace, Whistlepunk 2.0, The Nanker Phelge, The Ghosts of Now, The Feast of Stephen, Sasha Colete and Mrs. PopCulteer, Mel Larch. It’s a good ‘un, and it reminds us how much we miss LiveMix Studio.