This week we go back to February, 2013, for one of the most-watched episodes of Radio Free Charleston.  We showed a music video by Byzantine, and presented a simulated cartoon of The Wayward Girls School of Burlesque, set to a musical collaboration between Radiohead and Frank Panucci. Not content with that, we also have Douglas Imbrogno and Albert Perrone from Third Eye Cabaret, and animation from Andrew Benjamin, of Hellblinki. There’s even a cameo by Linda Blair and Penn Jillette.

The music video for “Soul Eraser” by Byzantine was directed by Matt Maloney and was shot right here, in West Virginia. It’s always a blast to have Byzantine on the show to lend us a little legitimacy.  “Nude,” the Radiohead song remixed by Frank Panucci provided the soundtrack for our film of the debut perofrmance by The Wayward Girls School of Burlesque. The video footage was digitally manipulated by yours truly, who spent hours doing what can now be done by the flip of a button on most phones. Albert and Douglas play us out with Albert’s song, “Twenty Thousand Days.”

You can find the original production notes for this show HERE.