Now it can be told! It was with this episode of Radio Free Charleston, back in 2013, that I began to panic. I was rapidly approaching episode 200. I planned to do something really special,. but I wanted some time to prepare for it, and also to recover to a major life change as my uncle, for whom I’d been toiling as a caregiver for the previous eight years, had just croaked, and I was enjoying life as a non-caregiver for the first time since the mid-1990s. I started doing longer shows, beginning with this one, but did them less frequently.

In between those shows I came up with the idea of producing The RFC MINI SHOW, which would focus on one musical artist with just a couple of songs. The plan was to record three songs by a band or singer, and save two for The RFC MINI SHOW, while using the other for the main RFC program.

Yes, my idea to reduce my workload involved creating a second program that ran almost weekly. I never claimed to be immune to having illogical ideas.

Radio Free Charleston 189, “NASA Shirt,” took the show in this slightly new direction. This week we had music from three bands making their RFC debuts, plus we had a new tune from a returning favorite and some cool promo clips and weird stuff. Our musical guests were Motion Theatre, Zeroking (show in the photo) and Snakebox, plus The Diablo Blues Band.  You can read the original production notes for this show HERE.

When we get to the point where The RFC MINI SHOW begins, I will run those in this space, in chronological order, alternating with Radio Free Charleston in the same order as they were posted. Just so’s you know. In fact that starts next week. Oddly enough, we are catching up to the point in RFC’s history where I started this very feature, nearly six years ago.