This week The RFC Flashback acts like a retailer…and brings you Halloween in July!

Radio Free Charleston 191, from October, 2013, was the first of a two-part Halloween special that we recorded at ShockaCon the previous month. What makes this show unusual is that I included interviews, mixed in among the musical performances. We also brought you the sights and sounds of Charleston’s original horror convention.

The music we featured was by ShockaCon guests HarraH, The Renfields, The Big Bad and The McGees. You will also see interviews with Jeremy Ambler, Eamon Hardiman, Danny Hicks and The Fiend,

The show also includes the promo clip I assembled for Kanawha Players’ live stage production of “Night of the Living Dead.” Most of this clip uses the audio from the original movie trailer, cut to scenes we shot at a dress rehearsal.

Next week we’ll bring you the second part of this Halloween special.