This week we go back to March, 2014, for a loaded edition of RFC. Radio Free Charleston 196, “Test Subject MCHM” was a jam-packed show with three musical acts making their RFC debuts, and two acts returning after more than five years away. We also had animation from Jake Fertig, and “PrelinGERD” by Frank Panucci.

Project Biscotti had been lighting up the music scene with their punk cabaret sound when we recorded them. Shortly after that, they scattered to the four winds, and are still making music separately. We captured the band at the old Kanawha Players Theater performing a song in public for the first time ever. This episode presented Project Biscotti with “Gypsy Blues.”

Mark Cline Bates hadn’t been on RFC since episode 58, more than five years before this episode debuted,Mark is still performing in the area and making great music. We featured Mark, recorded just days prior at The Empty Glass, performing “Comfort in the Darkness Here,” a song he co-wrote with Clark Paterson.

Our animation was a “Deep Space Microsode” by Jake Fertig, and it furthers The Flocking storyline. Jake is still preparing his animated feature for an eminent release.

We discovered singer/songwriter Dina Hornbaker at Third Eye Cabaret and Mel and I were instantly impressed with her voice, playing and songs, and knew instantly that we’d showcase her on RFC. Dina is still making cool music. This week we featured Dina performing her original song, “Mountain Mama.”

Another prodigal act returning the RFC fold after more than five years was the recently reformed, dogSoldier.  Occastionally, with no warning, dogSoldier will still pp up and do a show when you least expect it. We brought you the band performing “Cops” on this edition of RFC.

Jordan Searls closes the show this week. In 2007 I caught Jordan at a high school talent show that also featured InFormation, Captain Crash and The Beauty Queen and Joe Slack on the bill. I knew then that I wanted to have him as a guest on RFC, but it took seven years for our trajectories to intersect.  We featured  Jordan Searls playing us out this week with his song “Anytime You’re In.”