FestivAll is underway now. Go Fest all over it, then come back and watch this. It’s our half-hour distillation of FestivAll 2015, with music from Todd Burge, The Bark O Loungers, QiET and The Company Stores, plus dance from Susan Angela Hughart and The Trillium Performance Arts Collective. Sprinkled throughout are many sights and sounds of FestivALL. The show also includes a brief look back at an IWA East Coast wrestling show, held at Skateland in Campbell’s Creek.

Following the FestivALL format that we used in previous years, this show is a stream-of-conciousness collection of music and art. Along the way you’ll see The River Queen Sternwheeler, Jude Binder, The stilt-walkers, Ian Bode’s painting, the horse-drawn carriage, Apartment Earth’s “Pop Goes The Weasel” show, the FestivAll Catfish and more.

Next week we’ll wrap up nearly three month’s worth of FestivAll-based editions of The RFC Flashback with a couple of RFC MINI SHOWS. After that, we’ll jump back where we left off and start posting the old shows in order again.

In the meantime, go out and enjoy some of this terrific summer arts festival. Charleston really is lucky to have something like this.