Okay, it’s one week after the Tony Awards were given out, and if you watched you’ll either be filled with the joy of theater, or be disgusted and want something to wash the taste out of your mouth. Either way we’ve got you covered. Tonight we bring you an entire musical production. It’s not just any musical. This is Our House, a musical from London’s West End that was based on the music of Ska’s nutty boys, Madness.

The official descriptions is, “Our House is an epic, passionate and fast moving romantic comedy that begin one summer’s evening in North London. The night of a young bloke’s sixteenth birthday. The night he commits a petty crime to impress the girl he loves. When the police arrive, young Joe is faced with one of those crossroad choices we all face at points in our lives. Stay, or run. Our house follows the two courses his life would have taken had he stayed and faced the music, or bunked the law and made a run for it!”

This is a terrific production of a great musical that has not yet, and may never, make the trip across the Atlantic. It seems that Madness, who evolved from being a simple Ska band into being one of the great British musical storytelling entities on par with The Kinks, may just be “too British” for Broadway audiences. ‘Tis a pity, because this is so good.