From September, 2007, comes RFC 27 “Trust Me I’m A Doctor Shirt.” Highlighted by music from Comparsa, Doctor Senator and Stephanie Deskins, this show also features animation by Stephen Beckner and a creepy toy commercial.

Episode 27 of Radio Free Charleston was remastered and posted to YouTube about seven years ago, but since the surrounding episodes were MIA, I decided to run this one again, with a bonus video at the bottom.  This installment, titled “Trust Me I’m A Doctor Shirt,” is crammed full of a diverse assortment of excellent music, plus just a dash of animation and mind-hurting weirdness. We were all over town in this show, at LiveMix Studio, The Sound Factory, The La Belle Theater, and even on the South Side Bridge.

We have great songs from Stephanie Deskins, and Doctor Senator and Comparsa, plus a cartoon by Stephen Beckner and a really creepy toy commercial (about which we will not speak again). Hosted by yours truly from the South Side Bridge, the iconic gateway that leads from downtown Charleston to up where all the user fee money goes to pave roads. The original production notes can be found HERE.

In the above episode of the show we had to do something that we really hate to do on RFC.  We had to edit one of the songs for time constraints.  Comparsa’s wonderful tune, “La Buena Comparsa” wound up missing about 90 seconds, including a way-cool bass and percussion solo. So here, in all its unedited glory, is “La Buena Comparsa,” recorded live at the La Belle Theater in South Charleston.  t