This week in the RFC Flashback, we re-re-re-present one of our most acclaimed episodes, our second “Show Without Words,” Radio Free Charleston 57, “Grumpy Shirt.”

We’ve had lots of requests to bring you this episode again. It’s loaded with great instrumental music, silent film, and tons of animation, and folks really love it. Maybe I need to keep my mouth shut more often.

Here we go, from January 2009, with music from Elemental Devices (AKA James Vernon Brown), Chuck Biel’s Punk Jazz and The Scrap Iron Pickers, plus a short film by Drew The Dramatic Fool and more. You can read the production notes here.

If you’re wondering about the gap of over a month between episodes 56 and 57 of RFC, in between these shows yours truly had a misadventure with black ice that claimed the life of the beloved red Cutlass Supreme. Nobody was harmed except for the car and some groceries. But there were no full-length episodes of the show for over a month.

Our chronological presentation of Radio Free Charleston will continue every Saturday as in The RFC Flashback.