It’s back to May 2008 in this week’s Flashback of Ten Years of Radio Free Charleston. This one’s called “Aqua Teen Hunger Force Shirt” and featured music from Barrelhouse Bonni, Doctor Senator, and The Synergy Collective.

We also have a brief visit from WCW’s Daffney, who sadly, took her life two years ago this week after years of physical ailments and concussion-related depression.

We met Daffney Unger (real name Shannon Spruill) back in 2008, at one of Gary Damron’s ASW Wrestling shows, and she agreed to appear on this episode of Radio Free Charleston. She did our animation intro. It only took a minute to record, and was only on the show for a few seconds, but she took the time to email me later and thank me for having her on the show.  She later sent nice emails about subsequent episodes of RFC, and was very positive and supportive of what we were doing.

It was a simple, kind gesture, but it’s more than most of the bands we’ve had on the show have done, and it meant a lot to me, and showed me what a sweet, caring person Daffney was. She is still missed.

This was another of our genre-hopping shows, with honky-tonk piano from Bonni, straight ahead rock from Doctor Senator, and music with a message (and dance) from The Synergy Collective. An added treat on RFC this time around was “Iron Man 1930,” vintage animation with a new soundtrack.

You can read the original production notes HERE.