Radio Free Charleston’s seventy-second episode, “Sulu Nation Shirt,” was posted in June, 2009, and it contains a lot of “firsts.” This episode featured music from The Scrap Iron Pickers and Whitechapel District. We also had a guest appearance by The Chemical Valley Rollergirls, who were just getting started back then. Host segments were recorded at a CVRG practice at Skateland in Campbell’s Creek. We also have Frank Panucci’s “Porklips” in this edition of RFC and a 90 Second Art Show.

This was a fun show to produce, with a cool host location and lots of action. It was really cool having Scrap Iron Pickers on. This instrumental progressive metal powerhouse was real bright spot on the local scene, and ithey left a legacy of great music.

Whitechapel District is rarely performing these days, but you never know when they’ll make a return. The original production notes can be found here.