This is Radio Free Charleston‘s tenth episode, originally posted to Gazz TV on November 29, 2006, and remastered october 4, 2013. This episode, “Captain Action Shirt,” features music from The Sleeping Dons and The Heydays, vintage animation remixed, and a short film starring Danny Boyd as an evil dwarf.

Host segments were shot on the grounds of the State Capitol Building, and if you look at the montage under the end credits, you can see the lovely fountain that they have since bulldozed. The title shirt of this show features the logo for Captain Action, the classic action figure that I’ve literally been writing about in PopCult since our first month.

The “TV Tabloid” short comes to us courtesy of Danny Boyd. This short film was made at West Virginia State College back in the late 1980s.  The animated opening for this bit was done by Frank Panucci back in his pre-computer days.

Our first musical guest was The Sleeping Dons, back for an encore after treating us to the Native American baseball tune, “Story Of The Coyote People” on our second show. This time around they gave us “Wild River.” This video showcases the band set against a montage of illustrative footage of rivers and nature, which was necessary when we lost two camera angles in a hard drive crash.

The Heydays came into Livemix Studio following a performance at Taylor Books. It was the first time that our esteemed Gazz Editor, Douglas Imbrogno, had been up to visit the musical home of RFC. Doug and master guitarist Paul Callicoat were The Heydays, and in this episode they performed their arrangement of “Shady Grove.”

You can read the original production notes here.