This week we go back to May, 2007, for an episode of Radio Free Charleston that has been rarely seen for the better part of the last decade. “Carmen Shirt” featured music by Whistlepunk 2.0 and Josh Buskirk, as well as animation and other cool stuff.  After it debuted on the Charleston Gazette servers in 2007, it went offline for years until it briefly resurfaced at MySpace, before that now-obsolete social media site went into a serious decline and deleted everything that had been uploaded there. We managed to upload it to YouTube about three years ago.

Sadly, the show that we should run next week, with The Ghosts of Now and Voices of Anatole and other cool stuff, is still “lost,” buried somewhere in my archives. It’s the first of four episodes of RFC that are MIA. On a similar note, this is an edited version of the show because we can’t find the original cut, which included the Pentagram Flowerbox cartoon that caused all the drama.

The main event of this show was a performance of “Satellite” by Whistlepunk 2.0, a band that included Spencer Elliott, Karen Allen from Crazy Jane, as well as current members of Superfetch and Speedsuit. Karen later recorded the song for a solo album.  We also had a great performance by 12-string virtuoso, Josh Buskirk, and some vintage bizarro replacement animation. The secret weapon of this show comes after the end credits, with a sneak preview of Episode 23 starring Feast of Stephen.

Host segments were shot by your host using a tripod in his “White Room.” Original production notes can be found HERE.