This week we go all the way back to September, 2007, for a “Back to School” episode of Radio Free Charleston.  We have music from Whistlepunk and Sean Richardson, a short film by Stephen and Amee Beckner’s kids, a preview of a series we never got around to filming with Mad Man Pondo and animation from yours truly. I just restored and uploaded this last fall and posted it here then, but we’re going in order here, so this is going to happen a lot over the next two or three months.

The show was hosted by then-12-year-old Cadence Young, the daughter of RFC Big Shot (and Whistlepunk drummer) Brian Young.  She took over as I was mysteriously attacked during the “Hello” segment. Sixteen years later I still have no idea who perpetrated this savage assault.

Most of this show was recorded in or around the much-missed LiveMix Studio on Quarrier Street, and you can read the original production notes HERE.