This week and next we will bring you the rest of the best Radio Free Charleston Christmas specials, to help you try to get in the mood. Above you see our 2009 special.

The much-anticipated (at the time) 2009 Christmas episode of Radio Free Charleston, being a Christmas show, had the holiday-apppropriate name ”Terry Funk Shirt.” This extra-long episode is packed with music from Molly Means, Joseph Hale, Todd Burge, and Melanie Larch with The Diablo Blues Band. There’s also some classic animation from the British studio Halas and Batchelor, plus a news flash about a visit from Saint Sputnik.

Coincidentally, Joseph and Todd’s songs were recorded at The Boulevard Tavern. We returned to the Tavern for our 2013 Christmas show, with two festive songs from The Bob Thompson Unit. You can see RFC 194 below.  “Hasa Diga Shirt,” was our 2013 Christmas spectacular, with music from The Bob Thompson Unit and Frenchy and The Punk, plus a message from Santa, and animation from Jake Fertig, which opens our show with a commercial for The Bearded Axe.

One more holiday special this week sees us jumping back to 2010. This episode of Radio Free Charleston presents the talented crew from The Contemporary Youth Arts Company singing Christmas Carols and songs from Mary: A Rock Opera.