This week we go back to early November, 2013 for an RFC MINI SHOW starring HARRAH. The fifth RFC MINI SHOW also marked the fifth week that we brought you music recorded at Shocka-Con in September, 2013. Our music this week comes from RFC buddies, HARRAH.

The band  performs “Bloodmoon” and “Sawney Beane,” live from the stage on Beauregard Street outside the Haunted Barn. The correct title of the second song is “Sawney Beane,” the tale of a Scottish patriarch of a cannibal family. It’s misspelled on screen in the show. If you read PopCult regularly, you know that I have mastered the fine art of typos in all forms of media.

We are rapidly approaching the point in our run of The RFC MINI SHOW where I screwed up the numbering and got everything confused. Check back every Saturday to see how I sort that mess out in this space.