From mid-November, 2013, this week we bring you the sixth episode of The RFC MINI SHOW, starring Snakebox.

This episode of The RFC MINI SHOW was recorded in August of 2013, and songs from that session had already appeared on two prior episodes of Radio Free Charleston.  We recorded Snakebox at The Empty Glass, and grabbed at least four songs.

As their PR said, “Snakebox, from Charleston, WV, is an ever evolving nest of undulating sounds. Original songs and music tangle around guitarist and lead vocalist Kevin Crump, fiddle player and vocalist Beth Summers, bass player Thom Walker and drummer Dave Roberts. This orchestral orgy is often heard with violist Alasha Al-Qudwah, keyboardist Christopher Harris, trombone player Logan Umlor, and other fine specimens from the local music scene. Stick your hand in the box and be surprised!”

This was a very special band, and it’s great to have some of their music preserved here.

Next week The RFC Flashback will bring you more Snakebox, along with other artists, as we have an entire RFC show that was recorded at Third Eye Cabaret.