At the end of September, 2013, I decided to play catch up and dropped two episodes of The RFC MINI SHOW on two consecutive days. Last week we brought you the first of those, with Zeroking. This week have San Diego’s The Dread Crew of Oddwood, a band of pirates who play progressive metal music on acoustic instruments, and call it “Heavy Mahogany.”

A few weeks eariler we had debuted music from Dread Crew of Oddwood that we had recorded at The Empty Glass. This band of musical pirates was on a rare East Coast tour, and we grabbed a ton of songs by them. We featured them on RFC 190 and in a special “Talk Like A Pirate Day” video, which you get to see below as a special bonus. In this week’s RFC MINI SHOW we brought you two more songs from Oddwood. Now you get to relive the magic of the seven seas and plundering and crap like that.

Soon we’ll be getting tot he point where I misnumbered a few episodes of The RFC MINI SHOW, which lead to no small amount of confusion. I’ll try to sort that out in this space.