This week we go back to August, 2014, for a show that isn’t exactly a stellar achievement in audio quality. This was the week The RFC MINI SHOW presented the mighty Plaid Clash, who brought their Celtic magic to the Bluegrass Kitchen. This four-piece features Chris Higgins, Garrett Maner, Dan Carney and Vaughn Gold singing and playing a variety of instruments.

The performance and the band were great, but we didn’t bring the right recording equipment to capture the audio at this event in our usual high quality. Bluegrass Kitchen is one of the finest restaurants in town, and was packed, and our microphones picked up nearly every dinner conversation in the place instead of the music. Plaid Clash hasn’t played together for a couple of years now, but Dan and Garrett are currently in The Charleston Rogues, who hopefully will return to playing live again someday in Charleston.