Above you see an episode of The RFC MINI SHOW that I originally posted back in November, 2015. However, the footage was shot sometime in 1990, at The Empty Glass, back before one of their redesigns that saw the stage move around a few times before settling in its current location.

The band is FNG…I think. The last time I ran into Rick Stiles, he told me that it wasn’t FNG, but that it included four of the five members of FNG, so I remain cornfused.

I tell the story behind this episode of the show in the original production notes, but the short version is, I was not close friends with these guys back in the day, but became friendlier with them after the cancellation of the original broadcast version of Radio Free Charleston.  The night I recorded the band, it was made up of Rick Stiles on guitar, Kevin Lancaster on vocals, Anton Robertson on guitar and Joe McComas on drums, plus a bass player who remains unidentifed.

Kevin, Anton and Joe are no longer with us, so they couldn’t help identify the bass player. It’s all a bit tragic, because there is raw punk energy here, even in the low-fi standard def video.