This week go back to the first show of 2014, The RFC MINI SHOW number 9, starring Sheldon Vance. Sheldon calls his music “Acoustic Country Punk” and that’s a pretty apt description. In his music you can hear traces of Woody Guthrie and Hank Williams…but it also shares a lot of musical DNA with Joe Strummer. Sheldon melds his influences into something new and exciting.

We recorded Sheldon at the old East End location of Kanawha Players Theater late in 2013. This was part of an open mic/concert series produced by Project Biscotti, who later turned up on Radio Free Charleston. On this show you will hear Sheldon with two great songs, an uptempo rocker, “Turn It Back Around,” and a political country ballad, “This American Dream”

Check out Shedlon’s official Facebook page for information on his excellent album, “Logan County Rejects” and any upcoming projects.