We’re going back to an episode of The RFC MINI SHOW that debuted in January, 2014, but we used footage that we’d shot the previous May at The Empty Glass.  It’s fun to remember back when I shot so much video each week that I had huge backlogs to dig into for use on The RFC MINI SHOW. Since my diagnosis of Myasthenia Gravis in 2016, it seems like I only shoot as much live music video in a year as I used to in a week.

Crystal Bright and The Silver Hands had previously been featured on episode 185 of Radio Free Charleston. We actually had so much great material left over from that night, that we used two songs on this edition of the RFC MINI SHOW, and we had an additional tune left over for use on a later, full-length episode of Radio Free Charleston.

Crystal is a stunning multi-instrumentalist and musical anthroplogist who has traveled the globe teaching and learning music. Aided by The Silver Hands, she creates indescribable New Cabaret music that melds a world’s worth of influences into an exciting and cohesive new musical landscape. We were proud to bring her music to you on RFC. Be sure to check out her website and follow her on Facebook. Or at least check to see of those links still work after all this time.

Crystal and The Silver Hands were recorded for RFC in May, 2013, with an assist from Steven Allen Adams.