The sixteenth episode of The RFC MINI SHOW was our April Fool’s Day show. The joke was that we would play our usual two songs from the band, in this case, Project Biscotti, and then after the credits rolled and we ran our General Substances tag the picture would fade back up, and we’d show an additional 47 minutes of the band performing.

What I didn’t know at the time was that we had recorded what turned out to be one of the last, if not the absolute final performance by the band.

Project Biscotti was one of Charleston’s most intriguing bands. With a sound that blended cabaret, raw punk and high-energy rock, they were unlike any other artists in town. I thought they were the closest thing we had to Captain Beefheart.

The band was recorded in March, 2014 at the Rock N Roll Theater at the old Kanawha Players Theater.  That series of concerts was also their brainchild, under the “Scarred Art” banner. The band offered up their own disclaimer, “Project Biscotti was formed by front man Cardiac Jones and began as a 2 member group that has since taken on 2 more members making us a full, four piece act. With each member bringing their own style, sound, and weirdo flavor to the mix, Project Biscotti is an act like none other you’re likely to see in this or any other area.”

They added the following, “WARNING!! Project Biscotti is a very vulgar band with themes ranging to everything from masturbation to rampant drug abuse and sexual misconduct. Also, we have songs about movies & TV shows we like. Whatever we think is fun, we do…NO LIMITS!”

So in other words, this show might just be a little NSFW. It is also something pretty damned special, and I’m glad I was able to preserve some of their act on video.