We depart from our chonological presentation of Radio Free Charleston today so we can bring you all of the footage of Radio Cult and friends that we shot over the years at ToyLanta, and before that, JoeLanta. ToyLanta is the big toy convention that was to celebrate its 20th year this weekend before the Coronavirus outbreak caused life to hit “pause.”

Radio Cult is Bambi Lynn and Ricky Zhero, with Jay Jay Slotin on drums, and they tear through the hits of the 1980s and beyond, plus they have some pretty impressive originals, too. In the clip above, you’ll hear them do “Highway to Hell” and “I Love Rock N Roll.” Every year Radio Cult puts on a special Saturday night concert for the core JoeLanta/ToyLanta attendees.

However, despite not happening in the real world this year, ToyLanta is moving online to VirtualToyLanta a group page at Facebook. Join up and you can get great videos, photo essays and all kinds of other cool stuff that would normally happen at ToyLanta, only you can see it from the comfort of your own home.

Where you need to be staying for the time being.

In addition to links to this post, which is chock-full-o-music from Radio Cult, The Possum KIngdom Ramblers and some great guests, you can find videos of the Pirate Diorama by Mike Gardner, and a vacu-form tutorial by Clay Sayre.  Cool new stuff will be happening all weekend, and tomorrow we’ll post panels and dioramas and other non-music video from past years.

Above you see an RFC MINI SHOW starring Radio Cult. Below you’ll see a later RFC MINI SHOW with Radio Cult and guests, David Lane, Mike Gardner and Alex Massey. Below that, we have The Possum Kingdom Ramblers, which is a bluegrass supergroup with Bambi and Ricky, teaming up with Timothy Price and Jas Ingram, under the direction of Buddy Finethy.The Ramblers are seen performing on the dealer’s floor of JoeLanta.

Further on you’ll find some of the full Radio Free Charleston shows that have one or two songs from the band, some with surprise guests.

At the end of this episode of Radio Free Charleston, you will find Radio Cult backing up Mel Larch on a cover of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

In this Halloween episode of RFC, you’ll find Radio Cult performing their original tune, “Saturday Midnight Double Feature” and you see the music video for “Godzilla” by The Possum Kingdom Ramblers.

At the very end of this episode of RFC you’ll find Radio Cult doing their cover of “Just A Girl,” from the very first JoeLanta that I was able to attend, back in 2013.

Tomorrow, instead of PopCult’s Sunday Evening Video, we’ll have three or four posts with video from ToyLanta, going up all day. Check back and visit VirtualToyLanta for much more cool stuff from the toy show that couldn’t be stopped by quarantines!