Image5This week The RFC MINI SHOW features Dublin native, Anthony Hoey, who made his Radio Free Charleston debut last November, seven years after we’d initially met.

Anthony was living in Charleston in 2007, during the early days of RFC, and we kept trying to get our schedules together, but it never happened, and he departed for a series of worldwide travels that took him to The West Coast, New York City and back to Dublin, Ireland. Last year he found himself back in Charleston, and we reconnected at Third Eye Cabaret, where the footage on this show was shot back in November.

You will hear Anthony performing his original songs, “Dot on the Horizon,” and “When I Met You.” Audio engineering was providing by Eric Meadows, of Voices of Appalachia. You can listen in on a live broadcast of Third Eye Cabaret every other Thursday over at New Appalachian Radio, which is also the home of Radio Free Charleston’s “Volume Three” audio incarnation.

You may also recognize Anthony from the great profile piece that Bill Lynch wrote about him last week in The Gazz.