Mark Cline Bates hadn’t been on RFC since episode 58,in 2009, until we caught up with him again and featured his music on RFC 196. From that same recording session at The Empty Glass, we bring you two songs from Mark, “Bigger Things” and “Closer.” Mark’s next album is due out in October, and you can check out his website for news of his tour dates and you can also buy his previous CD.

In May, you can catch Mark in Man, at Keith’s Bar on the 9th at 9 PM , and in Sutton at Cafe Cimino on The 25th at 8 PM as part of the WV Hall Of Fame Garden fundraiser. In June Mark will perform as such exotic locations as Los Angeles and Venice Beach California, Columbia South Caroline, Chicago and Barboursville. You can also check out his recent Gazette interview for more news.

You may notice that this episode of the RFC MINI SHOW is number twenty-one, while our previous show was number nineteen. It recently came to our attention that, almost six months ago, we numbered two of our RFC MINI SHOWs as “seven.” We didn’t catch it, and nobody pointed it out to us, so we didn’t discover it until we were working on the RFC Archives. Rather than go back and re-number the previous thirteen shows, we’re just going to skip a number to get back on track. And of course, after we rendered the show as number twenty-one, we discovered that we also had two shows numbered “fifteen.” So expect next week’s RFC MINI SHOW to be number twenty-three.