t and dThis week’s RFC MINI SHOW brings you TIME AND DISTANCE, direct from the Haddad Riverfront stage and Live on the Levee, where they headlined last Friday. Actually, this show is direct from The Empty Glass in May, where they played their first show in Charleston after several weeks on the road. We didn’t get video of the Live on the Levee show. There were too many people enjoying the music to get close enough to record.

We recorded the group last month, and you saw one of the songs from that session on last week’s episode of Radio Free Charleston. This week the RFC MINI SHOW brings you two more tunes from that gig. One of the songs showed up in TIME AND DISTANCE’s first appearance on RFC last year. Guess which one and you win the satisfaction of knowing.

On Friday, June 6 You can find the band at The Thirteenth Lane Taproom at Dunbar Lanes, with Noise and Motion Theater!