The packaging for the convention exclusives

This weekend, it’s once again time for MEGO MEET, the annual convention devoted to MEGO action figures that takes place in Wheeling WV at the Kruger Street Toy and Train Museum. This year Doc MEGO, Art Baltazar, EMCE Toys, Cast-A-Way Toys, and several other ReMEGO toymakers will be on hand. This show is produced by the folks at The MEGO Museum, who have kept the MEGO fires burning.

This will be the tenth MEGO MEET, and it’s really cool to have it so close. It’s great if you can make it for both days, but it’s also very easy to make a day trip on Saturday.

The convention exclusive figures will be The Lone Ranger and Tonto. Doc MEGO will spill the beans about Robot Chicken, the new EMCE Toys Marvel series and other surprises.

Henshin X from Cast-A-Way

Henshin X from Cast-A-Way

Cast-A-Way will unveil their new Henshin X line and there will be tons of vintage MEGO, customizers, the auction and Brick Mantooth, himself. Details on the show can be found HERE.

I’m going, and that’s pretty much what my mind is focused on this week. We will bring you our coverage of the event next week in this space.

You can see PopCult’s coverage of previous MEGO Meets at the following links: 2013, 20122011, 2010 Custom, 2010 Vintage. Expect even more cool photos next week.