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October 2, 2015

So here’s the deal: Your PopCulteer is a bit under the weather. I’ve actually been dragging for more than a week. This has been good news for fans of ShockaCon, because editing video is not physically demanding work (time-consuming, yes, but it’s not exactly heavy lifting). I have been able to edit and post almost all of the video we shot at ShockaCon this year.

Unfortunately, last night I was exposed to cigar smoke, and by the time we got home, my voice was completely shot. So this week we are not going to attempt to do a STUFF TO DO podcast. It would be as painful for you to listen to as it would be for me to try and record it. I will post a few select graphics at the end of today’s PopCulteer, but please keep in mind that Charleston always has a ton of stuff going on, and this weekend, with the Doo Wop Rod Run in town, there’s more than usual.

Back to the ShockaCon videos, I only have one full-length videoleft to bring you, and it is well worth the wait. Our final full-length video from ShockaCon 2015 is the debut PG-rated performance of Charleston’s newest burlesque troupe, The Riveting Roses…

Image2The Riveting Roses debuted their PG-rated show at ShockaCon 2015. In the above video you can see Penny Maple, Cheri Cheesecake, Ruby Rouge, Vivan Von Geuse, Eva St. DuMal and guest Rose, Milo Otis perform astonishing feats of terpsichoric teasery as they delight the crowd at ShockaCon.

You can catch The Riveting Roses R-rated show on October 8 at The V Club, In Huntington; October 23 at Wildfire Saloon in Beckley and November 21 at the Greenbrier Valley Theater in Lewisberg.

As for our other ShockaCon videos, you can scroll down the main PopCult page to find them all. We have one last batch of short clips that we will likely compile into a special episode of Radio Free Charleston, as early as Monday, if I get my voice back in time to do it.


It’s a skimpy list from yours truly this week due to me being sorta sick.  These are only highlights, so please investigate further by checking the Gazette-Mail calendar and the Charleston Together Facebook page. There is always a wealth of cool things happening in this town. You just have to put some effort into finding all of our cultural treasures.

The current plan is for the RFC crew to be on hand to record this show at The Blue Parrot Saturday night.


If your PopCulteer did not feel like death warmed over, we would be at The Empty Glass tonight, but it’s not in the cards this week.


Here’s some more shows from folks kind enough to post graphics for them.



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That’s it for this week. Check PopCult for all our regular features, because sickness will not deter this PopCulteer from his mission to post something to this blog at least once a day.